2018 Photography Award: This-Ability

This-Ability Photography Project was launched in July 2018 to help raise awareness of disability. In essence, This-Ability aimed to challenge stereotypes wanting to celebrate the lives of many inspirational people whose disabilities do not hold back their contributions to society.

The term ‘disability’ is broad and encompasses both visible and non-visible conditions. Society’s assumption that disabled people want to overcome their disability fails to recognise disability as an identity, often overlooking the strengths that come with it.

Photographers worldwide were invited to submit images that celebrated the story, uniqueness and character of their models rather than their disability.

We wanted to see images that challenge perceptions which stand in the way of a holistic view of a person’s achievements, success and accomplishments. Once these boundaries are removed, we see the individual emerge from within.

There were over three thousand photographic entries from 53 different countries offering us an unique insight into the lives of many. The images appear to unmask, myth-bust and educate. Giving us all the chance of thoughtful reflection, learning and inspiration. The winning images were showcased at Lonodon City Hall between 3/12/2018 - 11/01/2019. A private view took place on 3rd Dec to coincide with International Day of Disabled Persons.

You can view all the finalists' submissions HERE

You can see the artwork shocased at City Hall HERE

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