Photography Award winners

For 2018 Youmanity adopted disability as the theme for their annual photographic Award. Entitled This-Ability, it aimed to challenge stereotypes surrounding disability.

Photographers worldwide were invited to submit images that celebrated the story, uniqueness and character of their models rather than their disability.

Over three thousand photographic entries from 53 different countries offered an insight into the lives of many - the chance of thoughtful reflection, learning and inspiration.

The term “disability” is broad and encompasses both visible and non-visible conditions. Society's assumption that disabled people want to overcome their disability fails to recognise disability as an identity, often overlooking the strengths that come with it. 

Society appears to place more emphasis on the disability rather than the person. Blue symbols may influence people's perception standing in the way of what should be a more holistic view of the person's achievements, success and accomplishment.

Disability symbols may be integral parts of a person, yet when removing such symbols - if only temporarily - the real person emerges from within.

The This-Ability Photography Exhibition showcased at London City Hall underlines this hypothesis and is intended to unmask, myth-bust and educate.

Winner Awards 2018

The Jury

Anne Williams

Documentary Photography Historian

Aris Kourkoumelis

Photographic Historian


Brandei Estes

Head of Photography, Sotheby's


Michael Pritchard

Chief Executive, The Royal Photographic Society


Neil Kenlock

Social documentary photographer



Judging Criteria

Previous Award Winners

Everyday Heroines

Carlo Saavedra



Elise Jacob 

(New York)




Freedom to Love

Liza Van Der Stock





Paolo Patrizi



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