2017 Photography Award: The Everyday Heroine

The Everyday Heroine was launched on Women’s International Day with the support of Scotland Yard's Directorate for Inclusion and Diversity. This photography edition challenged stereotypes of the everyday woman by celebrating ordinary women who performed extraordinary tasks and deeds. 

The overall winner of the 2017 photography award was Carlos Saavedra - Colombia. In his Madres Terra project, Saavedra reported the disappearance of youths killed by the Colombian army. An inquiry revealed that in 2008 the Columbian government introduced a bonus scheme through which it paid a reward to eliminate Guerrillas. To earn more rewards the army rounded up and killed innocent youths


The selected artwork was showcased at King's College London during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 2017 

Youn can see the all finalists' selected entries here

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