Step Together for mental wellbeing

Ahead of World Mental Health Day 2022, we would like to announce STEP TOGETHER - a dance project designed to help improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety.

Researchers suggest that dancing produces happy chemicals - especially dopamine - which get released within the body of the dancer. According to a study conducted by Dance Psychologist and Youmanity partner, Dr Peter Lovatt, the happiness experienced while dancing can last as long as a week after the last dance. 

"Humans are born to dance. And in today’s sedentary world, we would all benefit from doing more of it. Science shows that just ten minutes of dancing provides a thorough workout for the body and brain, raising the heartbeat to cause a release of feel-good endorphins, connecting us to our emotions and reducing our stress levels. Dancing quite simply makes us feel more alive," says Dr Lovatt - author of  The Dance Cure

Rhythm is everywhere in the biological world. The rhythm of a heartbeat, the rhythm of breathing and, of course, the rhythm of walking are present in all of us. What's more, dancing bonds people together, because it encourages social harmony while stimulating the production of happy hormones in the brain.

The Step Together Project comprises:

1. STEP TOGETHER PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD invites participants worldwide to submit photographs that portray the spirit of dancing - any style! The winning entries will be showcased in an exhibition to coincide with World Mental Health Day, 10th October;


2, STEP TOGETHER Flashmob. To mark World Mental Health Londoners will be invited to attend a special location in London where Dr Peter Lovatt will guide us into a happy hormones-producing dance routine! 

Press enquiries via [email protected]



Dr Peter Lovatt's Dance Psychology Lab

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