2Smile Project completed

We began working on the 2SMILE project in December 2018 with the objective of developing an effective student-centred approach to education. The project was directed to youths at risk of abandoning education in seven different EU countries: UK, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Greece and Finland.

Schools and education stakeholders from each project partner country contributed to the deployment of four intellectual outputs and eight multiplier events. These translated into seven pilots and a week-long training activity involving more than 500 teachers, educators and, of course,  learners.

As a result, the 2SMILE project delivered a set of tools to support schools, teachers and educators. In addition, several recommendations were put forward to help different actors within the learning process advocating for a whole-school and student-centred learning approach to tackle early school drop out.

From the very start, 2SMILE aimed to contribute for a change not only in the European Educational System and the educational experience, but also the learning process itself. To this end, 2SMILE has now delivered new educational tools as well as making available hands-on experience to propose that change.

2SMILE finds that it is essential that stakeholders, both inside/outside schools, teachers as well as parents - all work together to ensure that learners are truly at the heart of the learning process.

To read the full 2Smile project report click here

Project partners: Aproximar, AINOVA, Athens LifeLearning Institute, San Giuseppe, CPIPI&F and DIAK

Project leader: Youmanity

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