STEP TOGETHER Flashmob Dance!

As part of the STEP TOGETHER dance project, Youmanity has launched a Flashmob Happy Dance to take place within the iconic Piazza, Covent Garden!


When: 2nd May at 1:30pm

Where: The Piazza, Covent Garden

Flashmob time: 2pm

Fabulous hits from the 80s!

Dress code: vibrant colours

Cha Cha heels also welcome


The objective of this fun appointment is to promote the benefits of dancing for mental well-being. Did you know that when we dance we produce neurotransmitters, in particular serotonin and dopamine, otherwise known as 'Happy Hormones', that stay in our body for up to a week from last boogie. So, come join us on Monday, 2nd May at 1:30pm, get them happy hormones working.


Our grateful thanks to Richard Handley - Covent Garden Performers Association Manager - for allowing us the privilege to perform in the Piazza.


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