Project Catwalk - Diversity in Fashion

Promoting the importance of cultural diversity and social inclusion is central to the aims of Youmanity. To this end, several projects are devised and delivered every year - previous projects have explored themes as diverse as human trafficking, social identity, gender and age discrimination.

Following a similar engagement framework, Youmanity is launching Project Catwalk - a fashion show celebrating London’s cultural and ethnic diversity.


Project Catwalk

Project Catwalk will bring together youth rehabilitation charities to produce a first class  fashion show. Prospect charities, registered with the Charity Commission of England and Whales, will be able to invite their youths, including former offenders, to contribute to the fashion show. 


- Forty models 20 males/20 females from the ethnic minority will be recruited from youth rehabilitation and refugee centres.

- Victim of acid attacks and human trafficking as well as disabled models will also be invited to participate.

- Hair and make up will be provided by youths trained by charity-funded training programs programs.


The main objective of Project Catwalk is to give socially disadvantaged youths a platform through which to shine, to feel appreciated and, most importanly, accepted.

Project Catwalk also provides prospect partners/sponsors a great opportunity to manifest, in practice, their Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting the event. 


Confirmed partners: Thomson Rueters Foundation - Shared Intense Support



Project Catwalk is scheduled to take place during London Fashion Week, September 2018 (TBC).


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