A Song for Youmanity - call for artists

Promoting the importance of cultural diversity and social inclusion is central to the mission of youmanity. To this end, several projects are devised and delivered every year. Previous projects have explored themes as diverse as human trafficking, social identity, sexual, gender and age discrimination.

Our next project will bring together youngsters and young-at-heart from different ethnic background and nationality to create an orifinal project for which music will be the common language.


 “A Song for Youmanity” 

Youmanity is currently looking for musicians willing to work together to produce an original arrangement. Each musician will need to be in possession of their own instrument(s): 


drums - double bass - keyboard - guitar - sitar - saxophone - trumpet - accordion - berimbau - cuica


Youmanity is also looking for three singers keen on:


jazz - soul - pop - RNB


‘A Song for Youmanity’ will be written as a joint effort by the music group. 


Rehearsals will take place weekly at a central London location. 


Please note that this project is on a voluntary basis and no remuneration will be available. Our only motivation is to produce a memorable piece of music dedicated to the importance of Diversity.


A Song for Youmanity will be shared with schools and NGOs withing the UK and beyond. 

If you would like to be part of this innovative, please email us with a brief CV to: one(@)

Join our team of friendly volunteers or, if you have a project in mind, get in touch.

We would love to hear from you


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