Friend-Ship to Paddington Library

Designed to recover the place and value of friendship, our 'Friend-Ship Photography Exhibition' will be on display at the Paddington Library from 19 July to 6th August 2022. 

This is a community project designed to encourage society to reflect on the value of human connection. Photographer, Grace Lambert-Phillips, asked Londoners what friendship actually meant to them before she taking their portrait. Their portraits together with sitters' personal definition of friendship can be admired at the Library to mark this year's International Friendship Day. 

Friends are vital to our lives and for our mental health. It is often through friends that we learn the most about ourselves. We go on an incredible journey with friends and survive adversity standing by them. Over time we develop important emotional connections, which give us the courage to show who we really are on the inside. 

Join us for the official opening of Friend-Ship on 28th July at 6pm



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