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“Being able to be an independent and a productive woman is essential for autonomy, self-development and social equality.

Yet what might be an undeniable human right for all, it is not for many vulnerable women. This is why in March 2019 Youmanity introduced a new and empowering project for women, called EASE:

Entrepreneurs for Autonomy, Self-Development and Equality

The main objective of this two-year international project is to provide vulnerable women - single mothers, first job seekers, adult refugees - access to adult education, which in turn may give them better access to jobs, entrepreneurship and, of course, more autonomy.

The project has involved seven project partners from the UK, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Romania. Together we developed an EASE blueprint capable of providing women not only important skills but also the confidence necessary to make their professional voice heard.

On 7th June Youmanity will host a presentation of EASE in the presence of project participants, social and employment stakeholders from different background. If you would like to attend this event please email us at [email protected]. Space is limited hence admission is on a first come first served basis.

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