As the current pandemic highlights some challenging issues, Youmanity decided to produce a series of cartoons on how to best deal with them.

Why the use of cartoons to tackle social issues?

Everyone has watched a cartoon at least once during their lifetime. Cartoons can be engaging, relaxing and easy to understand. They can, therefore, communicate sensitive issues quite effectively. 

Beside a medical emergency, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the surface a number of challenging situations. For example, people suffering from mental health issues have a had to adapt to lockdown without much of a warning, some losing invaluable care support overnight. The level of psychological discomfort is beyond words for these people, especially those with autistic traits. Youmanity decided to produce a specific cartoon offering tips on how to keep anxiety and depression in check.  

Four such cartoons received a TESCO Bag for Help award. We take this opportnity to express our grateful thanks toTESCO Queensway for their support! 

The cartoons suggest ways to stay connected with neighbours, friends and family members in order to stay safe during uncomfortable domestic situations. One cartoon addresses issues of domestic violence head-on. Incidents of abuse behind locked doors have increased dramatically since the onset of Covid-19. 

Cartoons make dealing with such sensitive issues easier, as a result of simple language and the visual impact generated by the animations. If there is a specific topic that YOU would like Youmanity to explore through a cartoon, please do get in touch!



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