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Youmanity is pleased to announce its partnership with a new an innovative project: ReflectingYOU. This is an experiential photographic project conveying the idea that we are all the same, on the inside, at least!

Using mirrors, the ReflectingYOU photographer, Davide Giordani, explores this concept by generating a composite picture. Your head gets stuck onto the body of another person in the same room! Two people become one. No tricks. A mirror, a photographer and a room full of people.

The magic begins with one person holding a mirror in which the face of another is reflected -  producing a first composite photo. This process can be repeated to infinity.

The person whose face was shown in the first portrait, now has their body reflected for the second composite picture. Then a third person joins in the chain, landing their face. Another mirror held in place locks their head with the body of a fourth, and so on. ReflectingYOU can generate a chain of portraits that ends only when the person whose body was in the first portrait, gets their face reflected in a last composite image, closing the circle.

And so ReflectingYOU works as a fun team-building exercise bringing together people from all walks of life, ethnicity, colour and shape. This all-embracing project can include everyone’s portrait in your office, school, neighbourhood watch - albeit with their heads and shoulders swapped around!

The ReflectingYOU process of working together, ‘head-to-shoulder’, is as exciting as the resulting composite portraits. More importantly, as we reflect one another’s features through a mirror, we appreciate that, yes, we may look different on the outside, but we peas from the same pod.

Ultimately, ReflectingYOU teaches children (and adults), students (and teachers) the value of empathy, understanding and mutual respect. This project is as much an interactive experience as is an artistic end-result.

To organise a ReflectingYOU event is easy. All you need is people, a room and … the  ReflectingYOU mirror!

Photos by Pietro Rocchetta Casadio

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