2019 Photography Award: Friend-Ship

Entitled ‘Friend-Ship, together for the journey'  the 2019 award aimed to reclaim the importance and value of friendship. We launched this award on World Suicide Prevention Day, in an effort to fight social isolation - the main reason behind the increasing stats. According to the World Health Organisation, every year 800,000 people take their own lives, and many more attempt to.  

Over four thousand photographic submissions underling the importance of friendship were received from over 50 different countries.

Speaking for the jury, this is what Max Houghton, MA Photojournalism Lead, London College of Communication, said:

‘It was heartening to see so many different interpretations of the theme of friendship, across generations and from all over the world. It’s obviously a subject that speaks to many people. Like all the most precious things in life, it’s hard to capture, in words or pictures, but the finalists of the Youmanity award have achieved it, showing a great deal of tenderness. I hope the winning image inspires people to cherish and nurture all their friendship; in so doing they even may be saving a life.”



You can view all the finalists' submissions HERE

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