The Everyday Heroine

Award Winners

Over three thousand photographic submissions were received from 57 different countries.

The main subject of the photographs represented family members as well as women from various professional fields. The emerging theme was twofold:

1. Women go to extreme lengths to provide for their families, regardless of status and environmental variables

2. Women who have had access to education and financial support are stakeholders in society.

Whilst the above themes are already well documented, our contest had the main objective of celebrating Women, to be their voice. The Everyday Heroine photography contest also explored the concept of gender discrimination. To this end, many photographs revealed that discrimination is very much still part of modern society.

The following 23 submissions, presented to the jury on 22nd June 2017, identified the following winner and the runners up.

Winner Awards 2017

The Jury

Anne Williams

Creative Director, PhotoLab, London College of Communication


Brandei Estes

Head of Photographs Department, Sotheby's


Carola Syz

Carola Syz Projects 


Francesca Filippini Pinto

General Manager, Christie's South Kensington


Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS

The Royal Photographic Society Past-President  


Vilma Nikolaidou

Head of Development, Engagement, Culture, Tate Gallery 

Judging Criteria

Previous Award Winners


Debdatta Chakraborty


This- Ability

Sujan Sarkar


Everyday Heroines

Carlo Saavedra



Elise Jacob 

(New York)




Freedom to Love

Liza Van Der Stock





Paolo Patrizi



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All cash donations are invested in projects that aim to encourage a cultural dialogue between communities and countries worldwide.