EASE, the project for women

“Being able to be an independent and a productive woman is essential for autonomy, self-development and social equality.


Yet what might be an undeniable human right for all, it is not for many vulnerable women - refugees - who often find themselves at disadvantage in host countries.


This is why we came up with a brand new and empowering project for women, called EASE:


Entrepreneurs for Autonomy, Self-Development and Equality


The main objective of EASE is to provide vulnerable women - single mothers, first job seekers, adult refugees - access to adult education, which in turn would give them access to jobs, entrepreneurship and, of course, more autonomy.


Women taking part in the EASE project will also be able to produce a business plan for any entrepreneurship ideas they could not explore before because of political, personal and calamitous circumstances.


At every stage of the project, women will be in contact with education and micro-business stakeholders, in a nurturing environment that will give them the confidence to enter the labour market, to stand for themselves.


To achieve this women will have access to the latest ‘information and communications technology’ training, as well as business practices tailored for female entrepreneurship.

The project’s specific objectives are:


1. Deliver training designed to develop women’s business and soft skills.


2. Train women to develop and implement business plans;


3. Support trainees with group coaching as well as a 1-to-1 structured mentoring program;


4. Improve community and businesses engagement by creating funding opportunities for trainees;


This is another sensitive project championed by Youmanity in partnership with 6 key European partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain - all of whom share the importance and human and entrepreneurial potentials of women at the fringe of society."

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