Capturing Conflict through Art

As part of the University of St Andrews' On the Rocks Art Festival, students are organising a sensitive art exhibition to bring greater awareness to the human impact of conflict and war. 

Youmanity will contribute to this important exhibition by showcasing a collection of award-winning photographs from the Everyday Heroines Project in the exhibition.


Capturing Conflict through Art will therefore comprise some strong images that will shine a light over the vast ways in which war and conflict affect lives, shape societies and influence our perception of the world. The exhibition will therefore display a collection of personal experiences and stories from around the globe – conveyed by those who have experienced in the first person the long-lasting effects of devastating conflicts. However, more than destruction and fear “Capturing Conflict through Art” will look at the cultural influence of conflict and how often these outlive the event.


University of St Andrews Exhibition: 7 April 2019 - 13 April 2019

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