Reasonable Adjustments?

In support of our THIS-ABILITY campaign, Youmanity reports on the meaning of Reasonable Adjustments and how they can improve the well-being and productivity of THIS-ABLED persons. Although reasonable adjustments support disabled people at work, an adjustment is only reasonable according to the financial implications for the employer. Therefore, if disabled workers are outsourced to the private sector, their jobs, well-being, and their capability to work could easily be undermined.

When a disabled employee needs adjustments to enable them to carry out their job, one of the first steps the employer may take is to arrange a private meeting to discuss this.  Below are some of the adjustments that can make a huge difference to This-Abled persons:

  • Home working, flexible working or an alternative base location.
  • Assistance and mentoring by an experienced work colleague.
  • Making adjustments to premises such as widening doorways for wheelchair users.
  • Altering the work role by reassigning some functions between staff or identifying an alternative role.
  • Acquiring equipment such as a telephone with text display for use by hearing impaired staff.
  • Modification to learning and development opportunities including on line training, residential courses or other development opportunities.
  • Offering an alternative post for which the individual meets the relevant polices.

Of course, reasonable adjustments should be made not just in the workplace, but also within society's infrastructures or event within peoples' old way of thinking. This is exactly what Youmanity's THIS-ABILITY Photography Award wants to achieve: challenge stereotypes surrounding disability, sorry, THIS-ABILITY. To support our challenge is amputee  Francis Desandré  who over the past few decades has pushed authorities and law-makers to make reasonable adjustments so that This-Abled persons can enjoy a better standard of living.  With his “Gamba in Spalla” (“leg on shoulder”) Desandré fights against prejudice. Together with four other amputees, he will be taking part in a mountaineering adventure that will see him climb mountains, all the way from the North to the South of Italy. To learn more about “Gamba in Spalla” click HERE

Again, such adjustments both in the work place and within society need to consider the many  ‘hidden’ impairments such as mental health, epilepsy and autism. It is important

that all This-Abled workers have a voice.


An important organisation facilitating productivity between This-Abled persons, employers and businesses is the Business Disability Forum. More info HERE

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