Photography Award announced

Youmanity, with the support of the Metropolitan Police, is delighted to announce its annual award, eight edition. THIS-ABILITY Photography Award 2018. Challenging stereotypes surrounding disability, this Award will underline the many facets of disability: medical conditions don't always come with a blue sign - some are invisible. The Award is open to all amateur or professional photographers who can portray a snapshot of a disabled person’s life. Photographic entries should celebrate their story and character, encouraging participants to see disabled persons and disability in a new way.

Society’s assumption that disabled people want to overcome their disability fails to recognise disability as an identity and tends to overlook the strengths that come with it.

Youmanity wishes to learn the stories of disabled persons - what do they do, what is their message to society? Considering that disability can be invisible, society may need to show more consideration towards those who, despite the odds, put on a brave face on and go to work everyday. Many tender to our needs. We don't even realise it.

Who is your inspirational disabled champion?


Terms and conditions for the photography award to be published soon. Meanwhile, below are the names of the judges that will assess your submissions.


Adrian Ward -Senior Disability Consultant - Business Disability Forum

Aris Kourkoumelis - Photographic Historian

Brandei Estes - Head of Photography, Sotheby's

Francesca Filippini Pinto - Head of Development, Photographers’ Gallery

Michael Pritchard - Chief Executive, The Royal Photographic Society

Mike Birbeck - FRPS FDP - President, Disabled Photographers' Society

Neil Kenlock - Social documentary photographer

Simon Tovee - Chair MPS Disability Staff Association

The closing date for entries is 26th Oct 2018. The winning photographs will be showcased at London City Hall on 3rd December 2018 during International Day of Disabled Persons. The winner will be awarded a gold medal and £1,000 cash prize.

Over the next few weeks Youmanity will publish a series of articles and useful links to describe visible and non-visible disabilities.


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