Youmanity dancing at Pride

Over 600 LGBT+ community groups joined Pride to commemorate 50 years of LGTB history!

30,000 representing the rich tapestry of human heritage, social history and human rights, paraded through Central London on Sat, 2nd July. And so did our charity: marching with over 50 volunteers, dancing their way through the parade, from Park Lane all the way to Trafalgar Square.

Raising awareness of dancing for mental wellbeing, Youmanity partnered with Speaker Box Street Party to power the Pride with high-energy music. Stopping at key locations along the parade, Speaker Box Street Party front man, Simon Samaki, and dance choreographer David Pusceddu got the crowds dancing with happiness and a good cheer.

Love is Love. It doesn’t matter what colour, race or gender you are - we love you the way you are, because love is universal!” With such meaningful words of inclusivity, Simon and David engaged with people in the parade (and outside the route barriers) to dance happily, if only to forget, for a brief moment, the tragedy of the many wars affecting our planet. This year’s Pride was also the first since the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Youmanity joined this historical march led by members of The Gay Liberation Front who first marched in 1972.

Pride in London called the event the “biggest and most inclusive event ever”, also featured a line-up of artists performing across four stages around Central London.

Despite the progress made by the LGTB community over the years,  one can never be too complacent. Only last week there was an attack in Oslo just hours before the Norwegian Pride parade. Two people lost their lives and more than 20 were injured. Hate crime such as this, suggest that society needs to be aware that danger and discrimination against the LGTB community continue to exist.

Youmanity would like to thank the Pride Parade Manager, Zed Spencer-Milnes, for the invaluable help shown to our charity. Many thanks to all our volunteers and the amazing videographer, Sun Lim Xue Yang, for capturing the spirit of Youmanity at Pride 2022!


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