Youmanity Ambassador announced


Youmanity are delighted to announce Rory McGuire as their Ambassador, helping the charity to promote the importance of cultural diversity, social equality and inclusion.

In a world which globalisation has rendered ever smaller, but ever more fragmented, the importance of recognising cultural diversity has never been so paramount. London, one of the world’s great cities, strives to embrace all minorities, cultures and traditions, to celebrate them and provide an environment in which these differences can be explored in a spirit of peace and mutual understanding. These are the values championed by the Charity’s Ambassador.

Rory McGuire said: “As 21st Century unfolds before us and presents us with challenges not seen before, only a diversity of understanding and thought can allow us to move forward without losing touch with our individuality, our history, customs and traditions.”

This announcement comes ahead of Youmanity’s annual photography exhibition. Entitled Friend-Ship, this year’s Award will celebrate the importance of friendship and camaraderie. Photographers worldwide will be invited to take a portrait of that special person that embodies this treasured connection between friends. A selection of photographs will be showcased at a central Lonodn location. The launch of Friend-Ship is planned to coincide with international day of suicide prevention, 10 Sept 2019

Rory adds: I feel very honoured to be given the role as Ambassador for Youmanity. I hope that in accepting this role, I will be able to support the charity’s work towards a more inclusive society in which people feel valued and their differences are respected and celebrated. I am also looking forward to the launch of Friend-Ship because I feel that all of us - whether we like it or not - are together for the Journey!

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