What does friendship mean to you?

As part of our Friend-Ship campaign, videographer Dan Harley asked Londoners what friendship meant to them. We heard some amazing interpretations as to what this important value means. However there were the question also generated blank stares as people had to think hard before offering an answer.

The majority of people stated that friendship means honesty and being able to rely on one another. Also, how trustworthiness plays a huge part in relationships that need to be binary, that is, a relationship based on give and take. The problem faced by many people, young and old, is how does anyone measure this 'give and take' on a matrix scale. Should a scale actually exist??

This video - showcased below - is part of our Friend-Ship campaign. For those of you who do not know Youmanity, we are a registered charity promoting awareness of social issues through different cultural projects. Most notable among these is our annual photography award. Photographers from all over the world tell important human stories by sending us their works. We select the most outstanding photographs to showcase in exhibitions on themes ranging from human trafficking, gender discrimination, and age discrimination to disability. This year Youmanity is promoting “Friend-Ship” to raise awareness of Mental Health, focusing on the importance and the value of friendship to prevent suicide and mental health issues associated with loneliness and social isolation.




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