This-Ability Photography Exhibition

This-Ability Photography Exhibition opened at London City Hall on 3rd December to coincide with International Day of Disabled Persons. It represented the culmination of a one year long disability awareness campaign championed by Youmanity.

The campaign challenged stereotypes surrounding disability by inviting photographers worldwide to submit images that celebrated the story, uniqueness and character of their models rather than their disability. Over three thousand photographic entries received from 53 different countries offered an insight into the lives of many - the chance of thoughtful reflection, learning and inspiration.

The exhibition includes the winning photographs selected form the This-Ability Photography contest. The private view held on 3rd December was attended by the Mayor of Southwark, Catherine Rose, the Chair of the MPS Disability Association, DCI Simon Tovee, the CEO of the Business Disability Forum, Diane Lightfoot, the High Commissioner of Jamaica, HE George Ramocan.

"Thank you for helping raise awareness on this important social issue. And thank you for standing up to the challenges that you feel - bringing inspiration to all of us,' said HE George Ramocan to the attending guests.

The private view was also attended by the founder of Youmanity, Angelo Iudice. “I began to appreciate the meaning of social inclusion from a very young age - that is, when I came to live in London at 18. I realised then of how different I was, and ... equally, how different the people around me were. I fell in love with the meaning diversity immediately. When years later I thought I knew all about inclusion and equality, I decided to set up an award to raise awareness of disability. This-Ability has been a most incredible learning curve for me. I had no idea of how complex and multi-faceted disability was. Thank you to all photographers and their models for sharing their incredible experiences with this amazing project, stated Angelo Iudice declaring This-Ability officially open.

This-Ability Photography Exhibition is open to the public until 11 Jan 2019

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