Theme of 2019 award announced

Youmanity is pleased to announce that the 2019 Photography Award will celebrate the importance of friendship and camaraderie.

Entitled ‘Friend-Ship, Together for the Journey' this award aims to encourage connection with friends, whether long-lost friends, relatives or anyone that has not seen in a while.

Ultimately, Friend-Ship wishes to raise awareness of the increasing incidence of suicide rates. According to the World Health Organisation, every year 800,000 people take their own life and there are many more people who attempt to do so. In the UK over 5,800 suicides are registered each year. London appears to have registered a greater number of younger people completing suicide than across the rest of England and Wales. 

One of the main causes of suicide is isolation and the feeling of being misunderstood and alone in the world. Youmanity would like to help change this with the 'Friend-Ship: Together for the Journey' campaign by asking people to connect/reconnect with friends, relatives, colleagues. 

'Friend-Ship, Together for the Journey' will ask people to celebrate friendship by taking a portrait of the person embodying this special connection. A panel of judges will then select the winning shots that will be showcased in an exhibition open to the public. This sensitive project is seeking the support of Suicide Prevention Minister Jackie Doyle-Price.

The official launch of Friend-Ship is planned to coincide with international day of suicide prevention, 10 Sept 2019.  In the meantime, if you have been touched by this article and/or are feeling isolated, here are some caring organisations:

Samaritans –  Papyrus – Childline 

A fundraising campaign is being launched by Youmanity Ambassador Rory McGuire via Gofundme

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