The Diana Award

Youmanity reports on an inspirational charity The Diana Award. The organisation, with branches in Sheffields, Leeds and Birmingham, runs a number of programs, more notably a successful Anti-Bullying program. This involves the active participation of Ambassadors who are passionate about stopping bullying, some have even been bullied themselves. In fact, their experiences form the very foundation the charity's anti-bullying campaigns. In return for their support, Ambassadors get to represent The Diana Award at important events and meet inspiring and special people.


Anti-Bullying Campaigns have a strong peer-to-peer focus. It encourages young people to become 'Ambassadors' in their own school. The charity makes sure they receive the skills and gain the confidence necessary to tackle bullying in their schools - long after the training has finished.Ambassadors are special, approachable and sensitive young people whose presence on school grounds has proven to deter bullying. They wear special T-shirts to make them that bit more noticeable. So far the Anti-Bullying programme has trained in excess of 24,000 young people across the UK!

The Diana Award

To celebrate Princess Diana’s Birthday, The Diana Award releases an annual Roll of Honour. In 2018 the names of nearly 600 inspirational children and teens, from across the UK and around the world for their amazing contributions to family, school and social life.

The Legacy Award

and in 2017, to mark Diana’s 20th anniversary of her demise, the charity launched bi-annual Legacy Award. The award celebrates the achievements of 20 outstanding young leaders, visionaries and role models from across the world, who can demonstrated their ability to inspire their communities -a s her late Princess Diana believed they could.

The Legacy Award is bestowed upon successful applicants by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.


Details about this exceptional charity can be found HERE



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