Thank you TESCO

The Coronavirus pandemic has generated an unprecedented crisis, both humanitarian and economic. Since its outbreak in January 2019 there has been an outpouring of help across the nation during such difficult time.

Lockdown confined individuals to their local areas, creating opportunities for many people to engage with local organisations and neighbours in creative ways. From neighbourhood WhatsApp groups, to volunteering for the NHS volunteer, to providing food and medication deliveries for those affected by the virus.

Many companies too showed great support and empathy by providing essential goods, for example PPE kits and hand sanitiser products - all in incredibly short supply. There have been also companies that interfaced directly with local communities to donate much needed funds.

Our wonderful  local grocery store, TESCO, set up a short-term fund to support vulnerable groups. The Tesco Bags of Help COVID-19 Communities Fund is now making grants to support charities, not-for-profit organisations and CIC companies for projects that benefit people and communities affected by Covid-19.

It is our pleasure to announce that Youmanity has been awarded £500 to help produce 4 cartoons. These are designed to help people affected by mental health issues better cope with life with the challenges caused by the pandemic.

The ‘Tesco’ cartoons will be exploring the following topics:

  • What is depression - how to deal with the condition
  • What is anxiety - how to deal with the condition
  • Be Kind - promoting an atmosphere of wellbeing
  • Friend-Ship - promoting connection to prevent social isolation

    Youmanity would like to thank TESCO and Groundwork UK Partnerships & Programmes for having this generous gestures.

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