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Youmanity celebrated this year's World Mental Health Day at Heron Quays DLR station on 10th October. The event was a huge success as it delivered an unusual 'social experiment'. Random passengers were able to ‘switch’ places with fellow passengers they have never met before. As drastic as this may sound, they didn't switch jobs and/or move into each other’s homes. 

What really happened was that our photographers skilfully placed their camera at such an angle that passengers’ head and body was swapped around!. The lucky DLR passengers who surrendered to the fun experiment, managed to have their gender, age, ethnicity and general appearance changed - albeit for just a few minutes!

We achieved this thanks to the work of photographers, Davide Giordani and Pietro Rocchetta Casadio. Entitled ReflectingYOU, their experiment actually explored the idea that humans share far more characteristics than they would like to think.

"It was exciting to see passengers' enthusiasm in taking part in ReflectingYOU. To experience their surprise every time they saw their face reflected over the body of another, often total strangers, was particularly rewarding," stated brainchild ReflectingYOU Davide Giordani."

Our grateful thanks go to all those who took part in ReflectingYOU, the wonderful volunteers from Youmanity, the ReflectingYOU team, onAnton Productions and our generous host, the staff from KeolisAmey Docklands, in particular Marie Popon, Customer Experience Project Manager, KAD.



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