Statues up, Statues down

Following the murder of George Floyd in America, old resentment towards colonial times has come to the surface.

This can be easily summed as 400 years of slavery - the African Holocaust - and Crimes Against Humanity that have gone unpunished.

To make matters worse, our cities erected monuments dedicated to the men (and women) who perpetrated such despicable crimes. 

Gardens, square, streets, hospitals and schools are dedicated to them - statues of genocidal individuals are dotted around as if they were saints and martyrs.

The anger and sadness experienced by many people - black and white - is such that some of these statues have been - unceremoniously - taken down and destroyed.

This however begs the question as to whether the pyramids and the colosseum too should be be taken down?

Youmanity asks Maxwell D for his opinion in this short video by Anton Phatianov.

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