Speaker Box Street Party

Youmanity is pleased to announce their partnership with Speaker Box Street Party. This is a vibrant community that runs multi-cultural street events to encourage people from all walks of life to express happiness, love and passion through music and, of course, dancing!


Speaker Box Street Party consists of a dozen members of different heritage who share the same vision: love and communion and unity.  “We believe that  music and dance can break down barriers that divide us racially, generationally, religiously and politically. Our street parties do not have a script and certainly do not have an agenda. They are designed to let the human spirit run free. People can join in the fun at any time - there are no tickets for street parties and people are free to join or leave at any time during the gig,” says the group founder, Simon Samaki.


Simon and team members, Melissa Caprini and David Pisceddu, have been going from strength to strength delivering social campaigns with strong links to significant music labels, like Warner Music UK, Sony UK and Universal Music UK.


Music brings people together, regardless of race, age and gender. Another key objective shared by Speaker Box Street Party is the importance of dancing for mental wellbeing. When we move our body to rhythm the brain produces so called ‘happy hormones’ (dopamine / serotonin) that stay in the body up to a week from the last dance. 


“Just a five-minute break from usual routines can be incredibly beneficial for mental health.  Getting your mind away from ruminating thoughts can help reduce stress levels. This is why Speaker Box Street Party joined forces with Youmanity and the promotion of a campaign entitled STEP TOGETHER,” says Simon. 


STEP TOGETHER is a photography competition inviting participants to submit images that capture the spirit of dancing - any style!


A panel of judges will select the photographs that best interpret the movement and mood of the dancer(s). The work of the twenty finalists will be showcased in a photography exhibition in London - location TBC -  with the announcement of the winner to coincide with World Mental Health Day, 10th October. The winning photograph will be awarded £500 cash prize. The closing date for entries is 05/08/2022


To learn more about Step Together click here



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