'Nowehere to Hide' over race inequality

The first national survey of its kind finds disparities in experience of health, housing and education among different ethnicities.

Theresa May has said that there "isn’t anywhere to hide” after a study revealed sharp racial inequality.

The findings included:


  • Black people are more than six times more likely to be stopped and searched by police than White people
  • Ethnic minority householders are less likely to be in owner-occupied properties than White British households - except for Indian, mixed White and Asian and Pakistani households who have similar rates of home ownership
  • Black Caribbean pupils are permanently excluded from schools at three times the rate of White British pupils
  • Asian households are underrepresented in new social housing lettings - particularly Indian and Pakistani households


 "Britain has come along way in promoting equality and opportunity but what the data we've published today shows is that we still have a way to go if we are going to truly have a country that works for everyone," said the Prime Minister.


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