More Diversity of Women's looks

Women are misrepresented by unrealistic advertising of what females look like. This is why DOVE X GIRLGAZE created the world’s biggest archive of photos made by women!

This consists of some 5,000 images of women by women, which have been made available to Getty Images. Brands can use these images the usual way. A license allows users (hopefully businesses) to view and use the more realistic images of women in forthcoming work.

"When there’s more diversity behind the lens, there is more diversity in front of it,” says Girlgaze founder, Amanda de Cadanet.

In one of the biggest studies of its kind, Dove discovered that 7 in 10 women feel pressured to reach an unrealistic beauty standard due to the consistent barrage of beauty stereotypes they see in advertising and the media.

“Our research has shown that 67% of women are calling for brands to step up and start taking responsibility for the stock imagery they use and, because of this, we wish to make a real systematic change in the way media and advertisers depict women,”  says Dove's global vice president, Sophie Galvani.

Hoping to make sure every woman feels realistically represented, every individual shot by one of Girlgaze’s 179 female photographers has personally defined their own search descriptions and tags for their images. This allows them to define their beauty in their own language, on their own terms

By increasing the stock of diverse representations of women, #ShowUs is pioneering the change to more accurately represent women globally.





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