Happy with your Body?

Loving your own body can be challenging at times. This is the case for  people who see themselves as being overweight. While there are people who today "reclaiming" the word "fat" as a positive thing - one lady featured in a BBC video (below) doesn't think so. 'Mellisa' says that she recognises that the word 'fat' applies to her, and wishes it did not.

"When I stand up to do a presentation at work, I'm all too aware that people see my size first, not me. Quite literally, I am the elephant in the room. I always start my talk by saying:

"You know, my job is so stressful - when I started about a week ago I was a size 12 and look at me now! Why do I do that? Why do I self-deprecate? Why do I feel I have to acknowledge it in such a way for us all to move on? Because I am a solid, fat woman. I can own that word - "fat" .. I am fat, there's no getting away from it."

Youmanity says that what you look like is your business, yet be aware that people may stare - no matter what you look like. The one reassuing certainty is that there is always 'someone' who will appreciate you no matter what you look like and/or because you look the way you do. You are special!

The theme of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is dedicated to Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies. 

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