From an Egyptian girl to a Scottish man

"It is a soul in a different body" 


"Whenever you move your hand it's moving in the mirror," he says.


"Whenever you do anything with your face, you can see that in the mirror.


"So it's obviously you. But it's not you because it doesn't look like you."


This is what Adam says to describe the gender dysphoria he suffered as a child.


Adam, an Egyptian national born a female in 1991, secretly gave himself his current name at the age of 14.


"I never had a doll and always wanted guns and wanted to play with the boys,"  stated the transgender.


Adam was 10 years old when he left hi native Alexandria to move to UK on a tourist visa. The first thing when he got here was to shave his head.


When his VISA ran out he went 'underground', and worked illegally to support himself. A risk worth taking - life in Britain offered better prospects for a man ' trapped in a female's body'.


When someone suggested that he claim asylum as a ‘gender refugee’, Adam wasted no time. He immediately filed a claim with the Home Office.


It took three attempts before his application was finally accepted.


As a refugee, Adam, has all the same rights as any British citizen and as such he is now undergoing a gender reassignment procedure. So far he has had two operations to construct a penis.


Adam story has been inspirational to the point that Playwright Frances Poet is putting on an award-winning play about Adam’s transgender life.


The National Theatre of Scotland is showing his story on stage this summer and Adam plays his own part.


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