Friend-Ship winners announced

Launched on World Suicide Prevention Day, the Friend-Ship Award invited photographers to reach out to family and friends and take a celebratory portrait or an image encapsulating the value of friendship. 


Over four thousand photographic submissions were received from 58 different countries. It is our pleasure to announce that the overall winner of the Friend-Ship Photography Award is:


Debdatta Chakraborty


The photographer reported on ‘Sheroes Hangout cafe’ managed by acid attack victims in Agra, India. In his winning shot, Chakraborty portrays Dolly and Bala, who, within the safety of the cafe’, don’t have to hide their faces to form important friendships. 

The second and third places were awarded to Ly Hoang Long from Vietnam for having captured the emotions of WW2 Veterans as they recalled history together on the 66th anniversary of the D-Day; and Anastasia Georga, Greece, representing friendship with a photo her naked friends to signify the importance of honesty in a relationship.    


Speaking for the jury, Max Houghton, MA Photojournalism Lead, London College of Communication, stated:

‘It was heartening to see so many different interpretations of the theme of friendship, across generations and from all over the world. It’s obviously a subject that speaks to many people. Like all the most precious things in life, it’s hard to capture, in words or pictures, but the finalists of the Youmanity award have achieved it, showing a great deal of tenderness. I hope the winning image inspires people to cherish and nurture all their friendships; in so doing they even may be saving a life."


The winning photographs will be shocased at the House of Commons in December 2019 where Debdatta Chakraborty will be awarded £1K cash prize  


The winning order of the 30 finalists is as follows:


1. Debdatta Chakraborty 2. Ly Hoang Long 3. Anastasia Georga 4. Dejan Mijović 5. Seyed Montazeri 6. Ebrahim Alipoor 7. Izabela Urbaniak 8. Derrick Otieno 9. Maggie Viegener 10. Nabin Baral 11. Shahab Naseri 12. Chris Marchant 13. Danilo Garcia Di Meo 14. Anna Bruce 15. Francesca White 16. JJ Jordan 17. Allan Mestel 18. Leonard James Petch 19. Sarah Boada 20. Alia Fazaa 21. Liliia Kucher 22. Katie Tebbet 23. Cocoa Laney 24. Naf Selmani 25. Jevgenijs Scolokovs 26. Igor Zhitetsky 27. Anna Hoffman 28. Anne Fossier 29. Francesco Ruffoni 30. Ivan Chermykh


Youmanity would applauds ALL participants for helping reclaim the importance and value of friendship!


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