Friend-Ship, shortlist announced

Launched on World Suicide Prevention Day, the Friend-Ship Award invited photographers, both amateur and professional, to reach out to family and friends and take a celebratory portrait or an image encapsulating the value of friendship. According to the World Health Organisation, every year 800,000 people take their own lives, and many more attempt to. Isolation is a main reason for suicide, feeling misunderstood and alone. Friendship, togetherness, and connection, then, are as vital as ever.


Over four thousand photographic submissions underling the importance of friendship were received from over 50 different countries.


There isn’t a winning a image in this sensitive photography contest - ALL participants are absolute winners for having responded to our appeal. All photographic entries tell a story and taking part in this project aimed to recover the place and value of friendship in a society obsessed by glossy ticks and likes. Please stay connected with your loved ones. Nothing matches the feeling of togetherness that comes from family and friends. If you have been touched by this topic, there are some usuful contacts offering support attached to this page.

The shortlisted photographers are:


Abed Zagout, Ajaya Kumar Behera , Akash Ghosh, Aleksandra Baranova, Alexandra Novitskaya, Alia Faza, Alireza Ahmadizadeh, Allan Mestel, Anastasia Georga, Anna Bruce, Anna Hoffman, Annamaria Bruni, Anne Fossier, Antonina Molostova, Antonio Aragon Renuncio, Arina Kryuchkova, Aung ThuYa, Clorinda Galasso, Cocoa Laney, Cristina Newell, Chris Marchant, Daniel Delikatnyi, Daniel Rolider, Danilo Garcia Di Meo, Daphne Brookes, Debdatta Chakraborty, Dejan Mijović , Derrick Otieno, Dhapa Gordhanbhai, Drew Porter, Ebrahim Alipoor, Elena Chicetti, Elena Titova, Emran Hossain, Eugene Shultz, Feyruz Saw, Francesca White, Francesco Ruffoni, Froiland Rivera, Gleb Slesarev, Hiko Uemura, Ian English, Igor Zhitetsky, Ismail Folaranmi, Ivan Chermykh, Javad Salanghoouch, Jevgenijs Scolokovs, JJ Jordan, Jun Ling, Katie Tebbet, Kazi Md.Jahirul Islam, Leonard James Petch, Leyla Emektar, Liliia Kucher, Lisa Williams, Ly Hoang Long, Maggie Viegener, Mahmoud Helal, Massimo Podio, Matvey Karmakov, Mazyar Asdi, Md Rafayat Haque Khan, Megan Joseph, Michael Redmond, Moga Marius Dan, Mohammad Issam Arar, Mohammad, Rakibul Hasan, Mustafa Binol, Nabin Baral, Naf Selmani, Nela Milic, Ngo Van Diep, Niraj Gera, Noemi Zaltron , Olga Davydenko, Paul Suvro, Protip Chakraborty, Ramiz Haboob, Rızacan Muzaffer Kumaş, Robert Anton Aparente, Sandipani Chattopadhyay, Sarah Boada, Sebastian Góra, Seyed Montazeri, Shahab Naseri, Shoeb Faruquee, Sinisha Sukmark, Soheila Sanamno, Sophie Jourdain, Sophie Mayanne, Stephen Furner, Surajit Roy Chowdhury, Urbaniak Izabela, Victor Hugo Romo Casillas, Viktor Borovskikh, Xiahanqing Wu, Zuzanna Rabikowska


On 31st October our panel of judges will select the winner and runners up from the above shortlist. This will be a most challenging task as the quality and subject matter of these submissions is outstanding.  

Youmanity congratulates ALL participants. All of you are winners. By sending photographs you have helped raise awareness of important human conditions some of which are still considered taboos in some parts of the world.  



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