Everyday Heroines photography exhibition

The Everyday Heroines photography award was launched during Women’s International Day 2017. Over three thousand photographic entries, received from 57 different countries, celebrated the unsung heroines who make the everyday possible.

The majority of the photographic submissions paid tribute to family members as well as women from various professional fields. The emerging themes were twofold:

1. Women go to extreme lengths to provide for their families, regardless of status and environmental variables

2. Women who have had access to education and financial support are stakeholders in society

Whilst the above themes are already well documented, this Award had the objective of celebrating Women, of being their voice.


The Everyday Heroines photography award also explores the concept of gender discrimination. To this end, many photographic submissions revealed that discrimination is very much still part of modern society.   


The Everyday Heroines photography exhibition challenges the stereotype of the everyday woman and urged society to revaluate how we perceive ‘everyday heroines’.


Everyday Heroines photography exhibition, hosted by King's College (Guy's Campus) from 23rd Oct 2017, aim to illuminate the forgotten women - often viewed as inferior - yet so often undertaking the most important tasks as guardians of the fabric of our society.


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