Covid-19 and Anxiety

The coronavirus pandemic can be more than a challenge for people affected by  mental health issues, in particular depression and anxiety. A climate of  uncertainties and the many worries around the current situation can precipitate symptoms for many people.


Yet, it is absolutely normal to experience fear as a response to a pandemic of this magnitude. Fear is a natural survival mechanism, designed to keep us safe. Fear is that instinctive, wild reaction that makes us run a mile when we are faced with immediate danger, which the coronavirus is!


But we not in the wild here, are we?


Yes, the instinct of FEAR is saying - WATCH OUT - VIRUS ABOUT but we don’t really need to run for our lives. What we need to do is take things into perspective by preventing anxiety taking over our lives.


Here are some tips to helps us deal more effectively with anxiety:


  • Give structure and purpose to your daily routines: exercise, focus on constructive projects (hobbies anyone???), meditate, eat healthy, read a book.


  • Do not spend too much time on social media. Stay away from clickbaits and any other alarmist rubbish designed to create panic. Stay tuned through reliable channels instead.


  • It is important to stay connected with others. DO NOT isolate yourself.Call family and friends or anyone, whom you feel safe with.


  • Reassure and support others with the same positivity with which you wish to be reassured yourself.


  • Considering to help others is a good way of staying focused


These are only some tips to help protect your mental health, to stay calm during any emergency situation. Remember, things WILL SETTLE DOWN at some point.  Until then, focus your attention to your needs and feelings, check-in with your loved ones, neighbours and/or anyone that makes you feel safe.


PS Don’t forget to wash your hands!

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