Celebrating World Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Health Day 2020, Youmanity has partnered with KeolisAmey Docklands to deliver Davide Giordani and Pietro Rocchetta Casadio's ReflectingYOU Project.

Using mirrors, Davide and Pietro will attempt to demonstrate that humans share far more characteristics than they would like to admit.

There is no question that we come from several different ethnic backgrounds, but we all experience at some point in our lives different forms of mental illness. For some people this can be a pervasive and debilitating ezperience.

On 10th October, passengers travelling through Heron Quays will be invited to ‘switch’ places with fellow passengers they have not met before. By switching places they won’t need to switch jobs and/or move into each other’s homes. What will really happen is that photographers Giordani and Casadio will place a camera at such an angle that passengers’ head and body will get swapped around. Commuters stopping at Heron Quays will most probably swap gender, ethnicity and general appearance - through a clever photographic illusion!

ReflectingYOU promises to be an innovative interactive event in which two people become one. A great and simple way to demonstrate that despite our differences, we are made of the same substance, part of the same picture - or portrait! There wont be any tricks. Just a mirror, a photographer and the concourse at Heron Quays. We are very excited to host such a project on the DLR network” explains Marie Popon, Customer Experience Project Manager, KAD.


Social distancing

A twelve-meter distance between subjects will be required by the photographer to capture the planned composites. Our team of volunteers will ensure that groups no larger than six people will be briefed for the ReflectingYOU shoot.


About ReflectingYOU

ReflectingYOU is the brain child of Davide Giordani - a marketing and communications expert with a passion for fine photography and social equality. In 2018 he devised the ReflectingYOU project with the objective of encouraging  society to reflect on the importance of inclusion, to fight the stigma attached to mental health.


WHERE: Heron Quays DLR station

WHEN: 10th Oct

TIME: 11AM - 7pm


All welcome!


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