50 years of Pride!

Despite a pandemic still going on, people took to the streets in several countries around the world to mark 50 years since the first Gay Pride march in New York, and 51 since the Stonewall. The Stonewall riots back then energised the fight for gay equality. Since then the now annual 'Gay' received support from millions of sympathisers wishing to celebrate the importance of human diversity. In recent years Gay Pride became just 'Pride' so to include all aspects of diversity, not just sexual preference.

Meanwhile the definition of LGTBQ+ continues to evolve causing confusion and much distress for people who do not identify with the '+' bit of the acronym.

"I hope one day we won't need any of these restrictive definitions to feel that we ‘belong’ some place. As members of a civilised society, we cannot be defined as people by  an acronym,said Angelo Iudice, Chair of Youmanity to mark 50 Years of Pride.

"Sexuality is hugely complex, and cannot be categorised simply through two cubicles, the mens and the ladies,"  Hopefully, it won’t be long before passports will only need to show their holders’ photographs. Their ‘sex’ printed on a document is irrelevant."

Meanwhile, most official Pride events - including the one in London - were cancelled or moved online because of the coronavirus.

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