2021 Photography Award announced

Youmanity is pleased to announce that the 2021 Photography Award will celebrate cultural diversity, customs and traditions using food as a conduit for social inclusion.

From irresistible warm pastries to the delectable smells of roast dinners, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love food. And food is a key identifier of culture: regional ingredients influence dishes, holidays are marked with special delicacies, and recipes passed from one generation to the next carry the story of a shared past. What better reason is there for a gathering than to simply enjoy good company with good food?


For Youmanity’s 2021 Photography Award, we want you to share your family’s personal dishes and recipes. Everyone knows the international favourites of pizza, curry, and hamburgers, but we want to know the everyday meals you and your family love and experience the joy of eating with you. Food Fest is a celebration of cultural diversity where food, colours and flavours transport you to the four corners of the world.


Your photographic entry

Youmanity will soon invite participants to submit a photograph of everyday meals of choice - what special dish conveys your customs and traditions wherever you are in the world?

The judges will be looking for visual impact and originality. The winning photograph will be awarded £1K cash prize! All finalists images will be showcased during an exhibition at a prestigious central London location.  




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All cash donations are invested in projects that aim to encourage a cultural dialogue between communities and countries worldwide.