Mind the Fulness to replace Mind the Gap

It is a fact that 44% of the 2M people commuting by public transport, rate travelling to and from work the most stressful part of their day.

With mental health high on our agenda, we looked at ways of alleviating commuters' travel experience. 


This is when our marketing guru, Alessia Affinita, came up with the idea of transforming a train carriage into an island of tranquillity, a place for commuters to tune into a mindfulness program.

"The MIND-THE-FULNESS (MtF) carriage will look much the same a traditional carriage does, says Alessia, "except the lighting will be softer and positive messages will be posted around instead of advertising stuff. And there will be soothing images projected around as there will be a range of Mindfulness programs passengers will be able to enjoy - courtesy of Change your Energy - the world‘s leading online platform for guided meditation."


MtF will be the world first mindfulness train and will be implemented by Keolis Amey on behalf of Docklands Light Railway (DLR) as part of their ongoing social awareness and community engagement program DLR is renowned for.

Youmanity will deliver MtF for DLR in time for World Mental Health Day, 10th Oct 2020. The whole project is being delivered for free. MtF is Youmanity's gift to Londoners!

Mind the Fulness (MtF) has a pending patent n° GB 1913430 (July 2019)



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