I am Beauty

On Saturday, 23rd February we had the privilege of filming 'I am Beauty' - a documentary starring Rory McGuire.

Central to the documentary is the concept of beauty and the importance people attach to what can actually be an abstract social construct.


Affected by a facial birthmark, Rory has developed his own theory of beauty to make sense of a world largely exploited by marketing strategies often colliding with human values. Rory has learned this the hard way. During his formative years he was 

bullied by school peers and people who could not see him for the beautiful person he truly is. 


In  'I am Beauty'  the camera follows Rory around Bayswater, West London, as he conveys his personal views as to what 'beauty' means to him:

"Beauty is also the amazing diversity that make up the cities we live in. We are all unique with our individual history, heritage, ethnicity and life experiences. As a Scotsman living in England, I feel that it is these differences that shine through a beautiful mosaic of life. When I look at it and manage to find myself within it, I feel truly connected, I feel confident and I feel attractive."


'I am Beauty’, produced by Anton Phatianov and directed by Angelo Iudice will be made available via Youmanity's social media platforms in due course. 


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