Youmanity Launches World's First Mindfulness Train

To mark World Mental Health Day 2021, Youmanity launched the world's first mindfulness train and meditation spaces.

Entitled Inner Journey, the project is being pioneered on the DLR network to encourage commuters to use their travel time to pause and reflect. Twleve trains decorated inside with images of oceans, mountains, forests, and countryside offer much needed chill out atmosphere. Implantation of this innovative project was made possible by KeolisAmey Docklands the company who runs DLR.  

Stress and anxiety can become a barrier to travel and independence. Following the disruption experienced during lockdowns, promoting mental health is paramount. Our ‘Inner Journey’ trains and kiosks aim to encourage our passengers to take time to relax and enjoy their commute.” Head of Customer Experience, William Layton.

"Following months' of smartworking people may find travelling to and from home stressful. The Inner Journey was devised to soften the travelling experience after the mental health challenges that came with the lockdown. The project also wants to encourage society to learn to take breaks, chill out and relax," stated Youmanity's Marketing Director and architect of Inner Journey, Alessia Affinita, 

Meditation corners have also been installed at the platforms of Canary Wharf, Tower Gateway and Woolwich Arsenal stations, and will be in place for at least six months.

"You don't have to be a mindfulness expert to enjoy the Inner Journey. All you need to do is download our free Brain Recharge app and allow your chosen track gently accompany you on your travels," stated Angelo Iudice, Chairman, Youmanity.  

To modify train carriages and/or public spaces into meditation areas is not an expensive business. All that is required is a little space for people to enjoy a peace and quiet. Youmanity can supply the rest, including the free app anyone can download for guided meditation or simply chilling out. There are no profits whatsoever involved. Our charity can deliver an Inner Journey programme as our gift to promote welbeing and mental health in your city/company/council/office.

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Photo credits Anton Phatianov

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