Understanding Neurodiversity

In support of our THIS-ABILITY campaign, Youmanity reports on the meaning and conditions surooundingf Neurodiversity.

“Neurodiversity is a term used to describe the spectrum of neurological differences demonstrated by people when processing information. Technically everyone is 'neurodiverse'. There are however cases in which within this neurodiversity there are special conditions pertaining to:

The Neurodivergent Family

Some of the members of the neurodivergent family includes:

People affected by neurodivergent conditions are often gifted individuals - their potential traits can be:

  • Speed of processing
  • Individual cognitive style
  • Strong imaginative skills
  • See the bigger picture and think outside the box


It should always be remembered that a neurodivergent person can bring specific skills and advantages to the community and the work place. This can include creativity, original and lateral thinking, problem-solving skills and a task orientation, among many other valuable skills.

Reasonable adjustments at work

If affected by a neurodivergent condition, make sure you approach your HR /work managers to request reasonable adjustments. it’s important to remember that every person is different and will not necessarily need the same adjustments made for them. So what are these adjustment?


  • Minimising environmental conditions that cause the individual sensory overwhelm
  • Minimising activity that cause difficulties in favour of ones that play to particular strengths
  • Using IT as an enabler to help with tasks
  • Reducing multi-tasking and variation that isn’t necessary
  • Providing a consistent structure
  • Consolidating activity and process in long-term memory
  • Use frameworks, checklists and reminders to ensure consistency


We must all remember that it is not a person’s condition that is a disability, but the barriers that society puts in place, which prevents the individual having fully inclusive access to society. When considering adjustments, it is important to look at those barriers and hhave them removed.


An important organisation facilitating communication (and productivity) between This-Abled persons, employers and businesses is the Business Disability Forum. More info HERE

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