This-Ability - shortlist announced

In July 2018 Youmanity, with the support of the Metropolitan Police, launched This-Ability Photography Award 2018 - an Award aimed to challenge stereotypes surrounding disability.

Photographers, amateur and professional, were invited to submit entries that celebrated the story and character of their model, more than their disability. Ultimately,This-Ability wished to encourage society to see disabled persons and disability in a new way.

Over three thousand photographic submissions were received from over 58 different countries. Each entry explored a very important aspect of disability, the life and social constraints many people face around the world.

“All entries are winners for having explored a sensitive and often taboo subjects. Whilst some photographic entries did show technical competence, some others showed the humanity of the people portrayed in each photograph. I congratulate all entrants and thank them for the time they have taken to work on their entry, said Angelo Iudice,” Founder of Youmanity.

The judges had a hard job in selecting the winners for this Award. In the meantime, below are the names of the photographers in the This-Ability shortlist:

  • Adrian Clarke
  • Alex Liverani
  • Alexey Polyakov
  • Andres Millan
  • Arez Ghaderi
  • Artur Bolzhurov
  • Ata Zeydanlou
  • Becky Dann
  • Behbood Jolandan
  • Bente Stachowske
  • Cristina Maestri
  • Diana Buzoianu
  • Ehab Elsof
  • Froiland Rivera
  • Grigoriy Bludnov
  • Hardijanto Budiman
  • Hugo Weber
  • Ian English
  • Ismail Odetola
  • Javid Tafazoli
  • Leyla Emektar
  • Liliia Kucher
  • Lina Larsson
  • Linea Hansen
  • Marco Gafarelli
  • Marco Mariani
  • Marton Novak
  • Massimo Podio
  • Md Rafayat Haque Khan
  • Monika Tymanowska
  • Oleg Bitner
  • Pinja Assinharju
  • Ramez Habboub
  • Samuele Apperti
  • Sergey Kolesnikov
  • Sergey Kovyak
  • Shingi Rice
  • Soheila Sanamno
  • Sophie Mayanne
  • Sujan Sarkar
  • Tafadzwa Ufumeli
  • Valentina De Rosa
  • Vikhrov Igorevich

The Panel of Judges met on 1st of November to select the winner and runners up.


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