This-Ability finalists announced

On 1st November the This-Ability panel of judges had the hard task of identifying the finalists of yet another sensitive photography award.

Judging the submissions were:


Aris Kourkoumelis - Photographic Historian

Brandei Estes -Head of Photography, Sotheby's

Francesca Filippini - Head of Development, Photographers’ Gallery 

Michael Pritchard - Chief Executive, The Royal Photographic Society 

Mike Birbeck - FRPS FDP - President, Disabled Photographers' Society

Neil Kenlock - Social documentary photographer

Simon Tovee - Chair MPS Disability Staff Association


All photographers, both amateurs and professionals, presented incredible images of people affected by so many different disabilities conditions - many invisible and taboo. The question now arises as to whether the term 'disability' should actually exist. The This-Abilty project found that blue symbols may stand in the way of society's perception and attitude towards anyone with a visible disability. As such, we should all make more of an effort to get to know the 'person' more then their physical and mental conditions - these are part of the person!

Youmanity must stress that ALL participants to this award are winners in their own right. Their amazing photographic submissions reveal how difficult it can be for some people to be accepted and/or integrated in society.


The This-Ability finalists are:


  • Alex Liverani
  • Artur Bolzhurov
  • Ata Zeydanlo
  • Becky Dann
  • Bente Stachowske
  • Cristina Maestri
  • Ehab Elsofy
  • Froiland Rivera
  • Hugo Weber
  • Ian English
  • Javid Tafazoli
  • Leyla Emektar
  • Liliia Kucher
  • Lina Larsson
  • Marco Gafarelli
  • Marco Mariani,Massimo Podio
  • Monika Tymanowska
  • Oleg Bitner
  • Samuele Apperti
  • Sergey Kolesnikov
  • Shingi Rice
  • Soheila Sanamno
  • Sophie Mayanne
  • Sujan Sarkar
  • Valentina De Rosa
  • Vikhrov Igorevich


Youmanity congratulates ALL participants as all of you are winners. By sending photographs you have helped raise awareness of important human conditions some of which are still considered taboos in some parts of the world.


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