Step Together: Dancing is fun

Dancing is fun – right? But did you know dancing is also good for your health – both for your body and your mind?  It causes the release of feel-good chemicals – happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin and their effects can last a week even after only ten minutes of dancing, which bring down your stress levels.

When we dance our whole being responds to the rhythm and takes a break from the repetitive way of thinking – everyone has rhythm, the beat of our hearts, the pace of our breath, the rhythm of walking.  We need to listen to our inner rhythms and respond to the music – whatever kind appeals to us.

Dancing brings us together and is great for our mental health.  So, Youmanity has launched their 12th annual Photography Award with dancing as the theme of the competition.


Dancing is also very visual so if you love photography,  get snapping.  You are invited to submit photos that captures the movement and mood of whatever form of dancing you choose.  Alone, in pairs, groups – of your friends, neighbours or, indeed anyone. Use a posh camera or just your phone. As always, the panel of judges will be looking for originaly, images that portray the spirit and the diversity of dacing.

The photos of the twenty finalists will be exhibited in London - location TBC -  with the announcement of the winner to coincide with World Mental Health Day, 10th October, 2022. The winning photograph will be awarded £500 cash prize.

Terms and conditions for the award can be found here


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