Smart working now

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are being encouraged (if not ordered) to work from home.


As such, many people  are discovering the many advantages of smart working. First and foremost they spared the hustle of having to travel to and from work. There are people that travel up to three hours per day to get to work. That’s an incredible long time wasted commuting they could spend with their families or staying at home.


Must workers be tied to a desk to produce good work?


The answer is clearly ‘NO. We would say give workers realistic tasks and they will deliver good results, regardless of where in the world they are!


Social isolation is, ironically, promoting a new dialogue on family values. Parents working from home can provide children a stronger sense of safety, structure and much needed love.


Working from home is the future. As a society, we need to slow down, because family life has no price tag.

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