Rory McGuire

Youmanity reports on an extraordinary young man, Rory McGuire.


Rory is affected by a facial birthmark for which he was bullied by school peers and people who could not see him for the wonderful person he really is.


What is remarkable about Rory is his resilience and willingness to share his experiences with the world out there.

Rory has undergone more than 20 operations. In a statement released to the the BBC in May 2018, Rory underlined that “the abuse endured has been far more damaging and painful” than going under the knife. An Ambassador for the charity Changing Faces, the 24-year-old encourages anyone being bullied to report any such incident to the authorities.


Youmanity is proud to announce that Rory will star in a short film in which he will challenge society’s perception and concept of beauty.


Watch this space!


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