MANDELA: Unity Against Violence

A most touching opening night for the Mandela exhibition. Original, photographs and documents reflecting the legacy left behind by legendary Nelson Mandela.

Over two hundred guests attending the opening of the Mandela exhibition, among them the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden. All had an opportunity to embark on a personal journey through the life of the world’s most iconic advocate for peace, unity and reconciliation. From Prisoner to President, the exhibition tells the story of Mandela’s struggle, his strength and his determination to end conflict and suspicion. This is the story of a role model for peaceful activism to end violence and disunity.


The exhibition has been produced by award winning social enterprises Dwaynamics ABC and The Safety Box led by Pastor Lorraine Jones and Nathaniel Peat respectively.

In a most chilling speech, Pastor Jones - whose son Dwayne Simpson lost his life in a knife attack, reiterated the importance of listening to children.

“We need to listen to our children more. Who are committing the most horrific crime now? Our children are crying out and we need to listen to them.”

The Mandela opening night was also marked by heartfelt testimonies from brave young men and women who managed to turn their lives around. Working with local charities, they are now helping to find solutions to end the cycle of violence both from victim and crime perpetrator perspectives.

One such testimony, delivered by ‘Ilodie’ in the form of lyrics, described life as a young person affected by child sexual exploitation, depression, self-harming and suicide tendencies. Most alarming the lack of empathy from the institution whose job was to protect such a young person. Ilodie survived it all, but the question arises as to how many more vulnerable youths do not survive such harsh and hostile experiences?


"Stop the killings is the cry from our young people and families today, stated in his address the founder of the Safety Box Director, Nathaniel Peat.

“Youth violence must end and it will end if we bring back our respect for human life, liberty and well-being as inspired by Nelson Mandela.”


The inauguration of the Mandela exhibition ended with wonderful performance by Roger Samuels - The Voice UK.


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