Holocaust Memorial Day- events

Events are already taking place around the country to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. On 27 January will be the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau

From 1941 to 1945, Jews were targeted and murdered in a genocide.This methodical action also included the ethnic cleansing of any other race considered inferior by Germany's Nazis. Non-Jewish victims included Gypsies, Poles, communists, homosexuals, Soviet POWs, and the mentally and physically disabled.

In total, approximately 11 million people were killed, including one million Jewish children alone. A network of facilities in Germany and German-occupied territories were used to concentrate, confine, and kill Jews and other victims.

Holocaust Memorial Day is marked with numerous events al over the world to commemorate the lives of all those who perished prematurely in Nazi-occupied Europe. Once such key event is taking place at Europa House - European Commission, UK Representation.

'Why Tram 8 No Longer Runs' tells the story of the astonishing rescue of Jewish Children in occupied Amsterdam in 1943. The story is narrated by the celebrated Storyteller of Amsterdam, Mr Karel Baracs, who vividly paints the actual experiences of Hester and Pauline, two Dutch girls who risked their lives to rescue Jewish children imprisoned by the Nazis in a former nursery.

Some eighty children survived the war through the efforts of Hester, Pauline and other like-minded Amsterdammers. Tram line 8 plays a dramatic role in this episode of Amsterdam's history – and in that of Karel himself. ‘Why tram 8 no longer runs’ raises the question of how far we cherish our freedoms – and what freedom truly is. Karel Baracs is in fact Hester's son!


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